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"Master Website Developer with a Lovely Bedside Manner"

Aaron L.

Working with Dan has been a truly positive experience. He helped envision a website design and coordinate social media presence tailored to my start up educational tour guiding company. His timeliness, professionalism, and attention to detail has transformed my initial ideas and sketches into an aesthetic yet user-friendly website at the heart of my growing business. I highly recommend his services based on the collaborative relationship Dan and I have formed and my overall experience with him from end-to-end!

- Aaron L.

"Daniel has listened, understood, and created the website I envisioned. I think that his ability to listen and understand is one of his greatest attributes."

Lorry L.

Almost a year ago I started my website. I hired Upwork contractors to project manage and develop the site. After several hundreds of dollars and over 4 months, they lost all that had been developed thus far. It was devastating. Then I met Daniel Soloway. Cue happy music and good times! Daniel has listened, understood, and created the website I envisioned. I think that his ability to listen and understand is one of his greatest attributes. It means that when you tell him something it’ll get done the way you want it. It’s like having a real partner in the development. Something else I appreciate is his responsiveness, especially when it really matters. Daniel’s really nice, too. And that goes a long way in making the process enjoyable. I want to establish a long-term arrangement with him because I enjoy working with him so much, I know I can depend on him, and I know the work will be high quality.

- Lorry L.

"Innovative, diligent and possess great interpersonal skills"

Ori C.

I had worked with Daniel on literally dozens of sites, from blogs to review sites and everything in between. Daniel has an unmatched ability to characterize your raw idea to the smallest of details, and to generate a great and well rounded user experience that will answer all of your needs. When it comes to website building you need a guy that understands the entire process of your product/service Daniel gets, executes it and makes it look damn good! I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to get a beautiful site with no heavy-lifting in the process.

- Ori C.

"Vast knowledge base"


I worked with Daniel for over two years, when he was my manager as I started out as a content writer. He headed up the WebDev team and from day 1. I had a huge amount of respect for Daniel's approach as the team head. He led by example with a strong work ethic which I appreciated greatly. His approach was always super friendly, direct, and helpful, with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude.
His knowledge base was vast. From the demanding technical aspects of WebDev requirements to understanding the nuances that writing content can present! His command of grammar was second to none!!
He is a great team player, successfully bringing together a team in a way that ensured projects succeeded, surpassing expectations and smashing deadlines. He is creative in his thinking and I (and the company) enjoyed the benefits of such an open-minded approach.

- Paula

"I'm so grateful!"

Ilanit M.

Daniel really broke down everything for me and made the process of building a website a lot less scary. He took the time to simply the steps and explained them in a way that made so much sense. I’m so grateful!

- Ilanit M.

"His enthusiasm for our work was infectious."

Ilana A.

I worked with Daniel for just under a year and Daniel was a great boss. He always showed such willingness and excitement in teaching me new things and his enthusiasm for our work was infectious. He has a vast knowledge of all things web and coding, and an eagerness to keep learning more.
He served as a source of positive energy and encouragement in our department, and I have no doubt he will do the same wherever he will go.

- Ilana A.

"A pleasure to work with."

Warren Z.

Daniel was a pleasure to work with. He actually listened to what we wanted, understood our requirements, offered us options and came up with a site which fulfilled our needs, looked good and was user friendly.

- Warren Z.

"Working with Daniel was an incredible experience."

Danny M.

Working with Daniel was an incredible experience. He is a great manager and programmer that I learned a lot from during the time we worked together.

I will always appreciate his patience and his willingness to teach. During my time working with Daniel I learned a lot about PHP and MySQL and improved my HTML/CSS skills. He taught me the way to tackle development tasks and always made sure I had the correct tools for the job.

Given the opportunity, I would gladly work with him again.

- Danny M.

"Commitment to getting things done to our satisfaction"

Danny C.

Working with Daniel was really outstanding. His willingness to help, creativity and flexibility, and commitment to getting things done to our satisfaction made him both effective and a pleasure to work with.

- Danny C.

"Hard working, committed and experienced professional"


Daniel is a hard working, committed and experienced professional who is a great asset to any company. When we worked together, he quickly learned HTML and CSS and managed a large online community website and member database. He was also instrumental in helping me with SEO work including research and copywriting.

- David